Since 1994, a key focus of our strategy at AB Designs, has been to successfully establish our company in both the aerospace and automotive industries.
This focus has resulted in the development of several bespoke partnership projects with many of our clients.
Some of the more complex projects have been developed with partnership agreements with AB Designs managing the risk whilst delivering on the project outcomes and increasing competencies for our clients from our skills supporting their programmes.
Our clients benefit from our tailored risk management strategies and our excellent management of every client's project objectives.
We strive to develop long standing partnerships with our clients and our commitment and dedication to their individual project requirements is second to none.
We are happy to provide testimonials from our clients on our partnership projects.

Our engineering capabilities are optimized by our design partners. Devtec Design Consultancy which was also established in 1994.


We also benefit from our support Partners on software and system backup.

AB Designs is happy to develop designs for a range of metals from Steel to Aluminium and composites. Our partner is a leading expert in this field.

• Cost Effective
• On-Time Delivery
• Excellent Project Management
• Bench marking
• Metric and Imperial Systems
• Professional Engineering Design Service.
• Leading V5 CAD Engineers.
• Road Testing.
• Confidentiality